Discovering Design through Music.

Our ACD, David Deasy, recalls the first stirrings of his passion. It all started with his parent’s record collection. In the late 70s and early 80s, I could often be found in the family den where my father kept his abundant collection of vinyl record albums. In that same room was his Garrard turntable and […]

When To Use Professional Photography?

Amazingly, some stock photography doesn’t suck. So why hire a pro for professional photography shots? There was a time when every single stock photograph in the whole universe was an embarrassment to the very idea of imagery. I am still haunted by the memory of disturbingly phony models posing stiffly, their unnaturally white teeth glaring […]

Four Keys to Eye-Popping Mobile App Design

How to create a mobile app design that truly resonates Today’s technology gives us access to devices with extremely high resolution and amazing display capabilities. However, not all devices (or all users) are created equally. In other words, with great resolution comes great responsibility. Here’s how to create compelling mobile app design despite all the bells […]