Visitors choose to come to your site.
You owe them a good time.

They could have gone anywhere on the web (which by the way is huge).

Of all the websites on all the servers in all the world, they walked into yours. Now what? Needless to say, we have a few suggestions, but they all hinge on knowing who your visitors are and why they’re knocking on your digital door.

You wouldn’t build a pyramid without plans. Same goes for a site.

The pharaohs were very clear about the purpose of their pointy buildings, and as such they provide an excellent example for us here in the digital age. Your site’s ultimate purpose is to build business—but there are as many ways to do that as there are grains of sand in Egypt. To devise plans appropriate to your goals, we perform a thorough SEO analysis, identifying your targets and investigating how they behave when Googling. We identify comprehensive use case scenarios, envisioning every possible goal of a potential visitor, and planning the best route from entry to action.

Planning prevents pain.

We don’t mean to sound like finger-wagging scolds. It’s just that proper planning is so rewarding! The experience of building the site—and the experience users have when visiting—are vastly improved when you start with a solid plan.

Design means way more than making things all pretty.

Long before our designers start slinging pixels, they have worked closely with the rest of the strategic team (SEO, developers, UX, branding) to ensure that the design you get is not just eye-catching but serves your brand and the goals of your business.

Our developers really are our developers.

We don’t subcontract our development work. Mostly because that arrangement would provide substandard results, but also because we grew out of a technology company that we still hang out with. Should you require a larger than usual contingent of developers on your project, our sister company employs an army of coders that are ready to assist. We’re particularly proud of our developers’ marketing-centric attitude. They put their talents to work to help you prosper, not to jump on the latest digital bandwagon. If smell-o-vision comes out tomorrow, we won’t be suggesting you do it unless you’re a florist.

Does your site need to be responsive? Only if you like money.

Internet browsing on mobile devices has now surpassed laptop usage. So yes, your site needs to work well on a pocket-sized screen if you want your visitors to enjoy their experience and eventually turn their money over to you.

e-Commerce: the digital version of “ka-ching!”

Our team has produced every kind of e-commerce site—some custom built from the ground up, others fine-tuned from off-the-shelf packages like Magento and WooCommerce. We have built sites that interface seamlessly with gargantuan supply chain and inventory databases, and arrange packing and shipping.

If you really want to know our thoughts on web design, look around. You came here (thanks for that) and we hope we have rewarded your visit (per the principal stated at the top of this page). The next step, if we may gently suggest it, is to contact us. It’s easy.