Companies still need physical sales materials. Just like they still need physical salespeople.

Pixels have not replaced paper, which retains its power to persuade.

There comes a moment in a sales call when it’s time for your rep to place on the table a well-designed brochure or sell sheet. The prospect picks it up, and even a quick glance tells him or her something substantive about your company. Before digging in to whatever the piece actually says, its physical presence communicates in a way that is hard to describe but unmistakable to experience.

And let’s not forget the ink.

The ink, after all, conveys real information about your company. As with all communication, it can perform its task with pizazz—or it can fizzle. This is where our writers and designers make the difference. They crave the challenge of taking everything they’ve learned about your brand, your product, and your customer, and carefully place it on a page. If the presentation is sharp and succinct, they have the satisfaction of knowing it will produce results.

We can show you some great collateral, starting with our own.

Our business development team never leaves the building without a Red Letter sales kit or two. They’d be happy to drop by and show it to you. If you’re shy, we can drop one in the mail. We do show off some of our snappy sales kits on this site, so check those pages out, even though it means you’ll be missing the special feel of paper and ink, at least for now. Whatever works for you!