How a client responded to the pandemic by pivoting fast.

The Situation:

A healthy company takes a hit from COVID-19.

We had gotten in on the ground floor with Level Seven, a commercial cleaning company based in Atlanta. (We named it, for example.) The company took off and became a leading provider of janitorial and other services. But in March 2020, business stalled as the virus caused their customers’ offices to close.

The Challenge:

Help Level Seven help other companies.

While the company was still reeling, it realized it had an opportunity to get back on its feet by helping other businesses do the same. Senior management acted fast. Level Seven acquired the equipment and training to provide office disinfection services. They asked us to get the word out as fast as possible.

New service. New sell sheet. Both created in record time.

The Solution:

Get the message out fast and change it on the fly.

We got straight to work producing a new web page focusing on disinfection services. We also created a new sell sheet, a social post, and a series of paid search ads—in a couple of days. Level Seven’s CEO responded graciously and enthusiastically. Then he called us back with the news that the company had expanded its offerings to include a new misting disinfection technology. Within 24 hours we had revamped the web page; edited and added a video to it; created a new social post; and written 8 new paid search ads covering every aspect of the service.

We edited client footage of the service and placed it on a new, dedicated web page.
We created the flyer in the foreground of this composite image. The flyer appeared on doors throughout Atlanta. The photo appeared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Results:

Nobody wants to need a silver lining.
But if you do, you want a silver lining like this.

Property managers in Atlanta wanted to sanitize their spaces and when they looked for a company to do it, they found Level Seven. Our client’s sanitized phone was doing a lot of ringing. Level Seven team members donned gloves and masks and were able to help customers old and new disinfect their spaces. We were gratified to be able to help—especially so, after our client gave us one of the most magnanimous unsolicited testimonials we have ever received:

“Red Letter is our most valued partner. Thank you for everything y’all do for us. I credit so much of our success to our partnership with you.”