People shop online. Makes sense to sell there. We can help.

Businesses are discovering that adding ecommerce capabilities to their site adds revenue to their bottom line.

People who buy stuff are looking online. The growth of online shopping has been climbing for many years, but the curve has really shot up lately. (The pandemic was a factor: people who got accustomed to working from home also got used to shopping from home, too.)

You dont necessarily have to build a whole new site. When clients ask us to add ecommerce capabilities, we can often add pages and functionality to their existing site. Other times, our analysis shows that building a new site will yield greater cost savings over time, in which case that is what we recommend. In either case, we do whatever our client needs at the time, including incremental implementation.

Good user experience leads to good sales. If users find what they like quickly, and don’t have to think about how to make a purchase, they’re way more likely to slide into actually making a purchase. It’s just human nature. A thoughtfully-designed ecommerce site—with easy-peasy checkout and abundant shipping options—makes the process irresistible.

What about mobile ecommerce? Not even sure why we asked, since everybody knows that mobile is king and ecommerce needs to be designed with that in mind—from user experience, to security, to every other aspect of shopping online. Statista predicts that mobile ecommerce will hit 54% of retail sales in 2021.

Your ecommerce solution should make you feel good, too. When you get up-to-the-minute reports on inventory; shipping data; payment options; cart abandonment; profitability analytics; and other crucial information, you’ve got what you need to assess progress and plan ahead.

A little planning saves a lot of work. It can be tempting to just “Go!” because who doesn’t want to start reaping the benefits? But doing some advance planning, and establishing an ongoing maintenance protocol reduces waste and increases ROI. Ecommerce functionality should be tailored to your business, to your customers, and to you. (Should you offer special prices to special customers? What about a loyalty program?) All that comes out of a good plan. After launch, technical support, as well as content additions, keep the ecommerce machine yielding results.

Ongoing SEO is the fuel for ongoing sales. Search engine optimization is the most dynamic aspect of successful ecommerce. It changes all the time. To keep your ecommerce site at the top of rankings, you have to pay close attention and adapt fast.

We have helped clients make the transition. We can help you, too.