The Nerf War Rages On

By Mamie Patton | February 5, 2016

Strategy. Execution. Results.

The battle horn blows. The thunderous clap of a hundred geldings tears through the morning air. The techies approach, weapons in hand, following their gallant leader, Lord Javier: Warden of the North and Defender of the Motherboard.

It is time. The Nerf Wars are upon us.

Red Letter Marketing Creating a Strategy for Nerf War

First, we strategize. Marcy, who’s appropriately the lead project manager at RLM, charts our defenses and assigns positions according to stealth and weaponry.

Tell Stealth To Mind the Monitors - Red Letter Marketing Nerf War

Daniel the Stealth watches the monitors to cue entry into the building. (Maybe he’s checking his email. It looks like he’s checking his email.)

Now we execute.

We flank and shift, fire and storm. Within the first few minutes we have a clear upper hand.

Red Letter Marketing Executing their Nerf War Strategy

Garrett holds the high ground, carefully picking off the techies one by one.

Now the results.

Red Letter Marketing won the Nerf War vs. Dynamic Quest

See here the defeated CEO, Lord Javier, conceding defeat with a smile.

There Is No Other Way To Come - Red Letter Marketing is Victorious in their Nerf War Invasion

Olaf stands victorious near the former front lines, having unloaded enough foam to shame Fed Ex.

That’s our style no matter what we do: Strategy. Execution. Results. (And a little fun thrown in for good measure.)