Christmas Tree Ideas: What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After Christmas

It’s time to consider the many ways Christmas trees can be used once the holidays are over.

Poor Christmas trees. We spend a whole season decorating and adoring them; then, when the festivities are over, we leave them out by the curb. This year, we say, enough is enough, and look to answer one of life’s most overlooked questions: what do you do with your tree after Christmas? In order to answer this pressing question, we will post a new video every day from Dec 4th-14th. You can catch our holiday hijinks here on this blog or on our Facebook page. Need more Christmas tree ideas or other creative solutions? Give us a call.

#9: The holiday parking crunch inspired a new way to claim your own space.

#8: Underhanded. Sneaky. But festive!

#7: Who says you can’t have piney freshness everywhere you go?

#6: If your office ceiling is boring and flat, you haven’t been thinking big enough.

#5: “Sorry. It’s not you. It’s the tree.” Our brilliant method for avoiding post-holiday small talk.

#4: If you can’t say something nice about someone, show your contempt with flair.

#3: Forget everything you know about key fobs. We’re about to disrupt the entire fob industry.

#2: Dazzle your friends with what you can do with a cocktail shaker, some spirited beverages, and a tree.

#1: Our CD has never gotten over the shattering experience of losing his hair. But we think we’ve got a solution.

Need more Christmas tree ideas?

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Happy holidays from all of us at Red Letter Marketing!