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Marsh Furniture

This furniture company website needed more than just a new veneer.

Marsh Furniture is a family-owned company that has been making excellent kitchen cabinetry for over 100 years. While it would have been easy to coast, leadership set the course to revitalize the brand and the way they did business. A new CEO brought us in to assist with a major overhaul.

Marsh knew what it stood for. Employees felt they were part of an organization with a great tradition of building great kitchen cabinetry. But it had been a while since the company had buffed its public image. The website, which was aimed at their distributors, was creaky. The Marsh family and the new CEO asked us to help them clarify their longstanding brand and infuse a new understanding of it into an entirely new site.

Our brand team conducted internal focus groups to get to the heart of what makes Marsh the unique company it is. Meanwhile, our business analysts uncovered the deficiencies in the old site and used their insights to devise use case scenarios for every possible business interaction on the new site that we set about building. When we launched the new site, it beautifully expressed the new brand while making ordering and account management blissfully easy for the distributor user base.

Feedback from the field has been enormously positive. Not only do distributors and dealers have a much more powerful (but easy) website to deal with, but the end customer—folks looking to jazz up their kitchens—has a dazzling gallery of options to browse through, and a way to save ideas as they consider their purchase.

Marsh Furniture Website | Red Letter Marketing |Greensboro
Marsh Furniture Website | Red Letter Marketing |Greensboro
The home page was designed to welcome and inspire, fully reflecting the brand personality.
Marsh Furniture Website | Red Letter Marketing |Greensboro
The gallery invites browsing and consumers can share their favorite kitchens.