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How to display 51,760 products without building a showroom the size of Nebraska.

Even if you could build a showroom that big, where would you put it? (Nebraska is taken.) Solution: use the mix-and-match app we custom-designed for you (at a tiny fraction of the cost of that showroom). Bonus: Nebraskans can relax; they can keep their state.

Lori Faison, a designer and entrepreneur, came to us and told us she had a great idea. We listened. Then we said, “Holy cow. That IS a great idea.” We got to work bringing her concept, Bolt House Textiles, to life.

Lori wanted a site where creative people—interior designers as well as homeowners—could design and buy unique fabrics. Visitors to the site first choose a particular fabric. Then, they select a whimsical design from among dozens of options. They select a color for that design. As they mix and match various fabrics, designs and colors, a window on the screen allows them to see any of the possible combinations. Once a customer has fashioned a fabric to their liking, it’s easy for them to place an order. They can get just the fabric, or any of a number of household items that incorporate the fabric, such as lampshades and pillow cases.

See? We told you it was a good idea.

Our back end developers got to work creating a powerful application that could draw from a database of fabrics and designs and manipulate them at the whim of the user. Our front end designers created an elegant, tasteful interface that made using the application blissfully easy. The various permutations of fabric, color and design totaled 51,760. A designer who wanted to look at every one would want to lots of coffee on hand. We have supported the site with occasional direct mail efforts, as well as email campaigns.

Bolt House Textiles is thriving. Founder Lori Faison’s idea was brilliant, and we take pride in bringing it to life for her. Lori has kindly expressed her appreciation for our work; her words of praise appear regularly on the Cardinal Digital Communication Board in our lobby.

Bolt House Textiles Website |Red Letter Marketing
Custom website design
Bolt House Textiles Website |Red Letter Marketing
The design showcases Bolt House Textiles' clean, hand-crafted aesthetic.
Bolt House Textiles Website |Red Letter Marketing
The custom product builder allows users to choose fabrics, patterns, and colors to create unique, one-of-a-kind products.