Banyan Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Kit

Banyan Consulting

Banyan is an atypical company.
We felt its sales kit should match.

Banyan Consulting Group has become one of the largest employee benefit providers in North Carolina by concentrating on exactly that. They help employers navigate the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, and ensure employees are informed and at ease, making things a breeze for both sides of any business. In addition, Banyan’s unusually responsive customer service model keeps things simple for both HR managers and employees. We wanted to make a sales kit that lived up to its subject.

Banyan has reached its considerable level of success by keeping multiple promises to multiple targets. Among the people Banyan needs to please are company owners, who appreciate Banyan’s keen eye on cost containment. Then there are the HR managers at those companies, who hunger for responsive service to help them wade through the overgrown thicket of regulations, policies and other fine print. Last but not least are employees who want their benefits package to require less than three months of concentrated reading (with a magnifying glass) to understand. To describe Banyan’s solution in its entirety is more than we can do here, but suffice it to say that the company’s blend of attentive service and ease of use—as well as its commitment to wellness as both a cost-saver and an intrinsically desirable end in itself—is a story of remarkable success that deserved a remarkable presentation.

We worked directly with Banyan’s founder and CEO, along with his core leadership team, to clearly define what makes Banyan truly different from its competitors. It turned out that the story was a good one, but it was big. Our sales kit needed to make its point with a lot of differentiating information, presented in a flexible, accessible format. We proposed a hybrid kit that included an elegantly designed brochure as well as a pocket for interchangeable sell sheets that could be adapted as needed. The brochure part of the kit expresses Banyan’s fundamental principles as well as its unique business model. The sell sheets contain (for example) newsletters, explanations of rapidly-changing regulatory developments, and other material that might need to be continually updated. The entire package expresses Banyan’s revitalized brand, symbolized by an unusual tree that originated in India.

Banyan’s representatives were quite enthusiastic to have a beautifully designed presentation that expressed the genuine uniqueness of their offerings. Feedback from the field has been overwhelmingly positive.

Banyan Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Kit | Red Letter Marketing
Banyan’s sales team now has a 12-page brochure and pocket folder to represent their company. Sometimes less is more, as with this elegant cover design.
Banyan Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Kit | Red Letter Marketing
Brochure contents are organized around their “Benefits. Wellness. Peace of Mind.” tag line, reinforcing their key messages.
Banyan Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Kit | Red Letter Marketing
Coordinating sales sheets allow for both flexibility in presentation topics and updates and additions without reprinting the larger brochure.
Banyan Consulting Group, Inc. Sales Kit | Red Letter Marketing
And of course the brochure opens with a Banyan tree. What else?