Website Design & Management

They could have gone anywhere on the web (which by the way is huge). Of all the websites on all the servers in all the world, they walked into yours. Now what? Needless to say, we have a few suggestions, but they all hinge on knowing who your visitors are and why they’re knocking on […]

Search Engine Marketing & SEO

Why be a needle when you can be a haystack? If you’re anywhere near a haystack, you can’t miss it. It just sits there saying, “Deal with me.” Your site should have a similar presence, except on the internet, not in a field. As long as hordes of people are buzzing around the internet every […]

Custom Development

Some humans are better than others at telling computers what to do. There are several qualities you look for in a good developer. The easiest to identify is their mastery of the most powerful and commonly used languages. If you find someone with a strong command of PHP, SQL, jQuery, JavaScript, and Ruby, you are […]


Words only go so far, as this sentence demonstrates. Even the most compelling collection of words requires a commitment on the reader’s part to actually read them. For many site visitors, it seems so much easier to just press “play.” And once that’s done, the pure power of images and sound can wash over and […]

Email Marketing

Maybe not the only way. But an extremely powerful one. The sheer might of email as a marketing tool continues to boggle minds. Check out this blistering spray of fact-shrapnel: Email conversion rates are 3x higher than social media (and are worth 17% more) (McKinsey & Company) 7 of 10 people say they have used […]

Content Marketing

Give them something first. Content marketing draws prospects in by providing something of value—usually information or expertise. Think of it this way: while your company has a product or service for sale, it also possesses a body of knowledge that can be packaged and given away like a free sample. When your prospects learn something […]

Social Media

Wherever your customers are, that’s where you should be. That seems so obvious, but the internet is chockablock with companies putting up, say, Facebook pages when their time would be better spent on LinkedIn. Maybe your company should have a presence on both—but the point is that there’s no point going where your customers aren’t. […]