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Wysong Manufacturing

A company that rebuilds old machines asked us to rebuild their old website.

For decades, Wysong Manufacturing made industrial machines of such durability that everybody who needed a shear or a press brake (yes, those are things) bought one. Problem: Wysong machines were so durable they never died. Solution: go into the business of maintaining and rebuilding the machines. Wysong asked us to introduce their new idea with a new brand and a new website.

Wysong’s old site displayed none of the rugged durability of their machines. It was rickety and unstable (not to mention ugly). Our client was well aware of this. The Executive VP knows all about grace and beauty—she is a former ballerina. (After years of gracing the stage, she, along with her cousin, took the reins of the family business making 13-ton industrial shears.) She asked us to rebuild their brand around the rebuilding business. She wanted to convey ruggedness and to subtly remind visitors that Wysong machines are USA-made. And she wanted navigation to be smooth and easy.

Our new site managed to be both robust and elegant. The look was big and bold but also clean and polished. The red, white and blue color palette left no doubt as to where Wysong machines originated. And the revamped architecture and navigation made browsing a breeze.

Our client was ecstatic with the new site’s ease of use. The blend of boldness and elegance was precisely what the company had needed. Wysong entered its next phase wearing an appropriately refurbished brand, expressed via a shiny new site.

Wysong Manufacturing Website | Red Letter Marketing
Wysong Manufacturing Website | Red Letter Marketing
The bold and clean design visually communicates Wysong's strong quality story.
Wysong Manufacturing Website | Red Letter Marketing
The thoughtfully designed navigation makes it easy to find specific information. Testimonials were strategically placed near the "contact us" call to action, providing extra credibility.