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Getting lawyers, bankers and bulldozers all on the same page.
For Maven, we created a two-faced brand. (And we mean that in the best way.)

Let’s say you’ve got a bulldozer. (It could happen.) It’s been a great relationship but the lease will soon be up. You want to find someone who will adopt your bulldozer. Enter Maven, a new company that makes the process of managing and transferring heavy equipment much easier. The two websites we built for Maven make it all happen.

The process surrounding the end of lease of heavy equipment is pretty heavy. You’ve got lessors, lessees and lawyers involved. Plus bankers, with enough paperwork to threaten forests everywhere. The whole thing is hopelessly inefficient, which is what prompted Maven founder Deron Lavin to come up with his idea of an online marketplace that brings together those who want equipment, those who want to get rid of equipment, and all the administrative people who put the deals together. Deron asked for our help and—as is our custom—we enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

We created two brands and two websites for Deron—Maven Management (MM) and Maven Equipment (ME). MM is aimed at (and designed for) the financial side of the business. ME is the marketplace where you can find everything from harvesters to snow groomers. (Yes, our universe includes machines that groom snow.) For a machine to be listed on ME, it must pass a rigorous inspection, thereby ensuring trust that is key to the success of the business. The two brands are complementary but distinct. Behind ME is a powerful application we developed to keep track of a nationwide inventory of machines and machine owners. The whole thing works like a finely tuned backhoe.

Maven hit the market with a promise we coined: The Reinvention of Asset Management.

Maven Management Website |Red Letter Marketing | Greensboro Marketing Agency
Maven Management Website |Red Letter Marketing | Greensboro Marketing Agency
The Maven marketplace required a powerful custom application for instant access to the nationwide inventory.