CaroCon Corporation Sales Kit


If you’re going to cut down trees to make a sales kit, it should be a really good sales kit.

Carolina Container is a regional market leader in the business of boxes—the plain brown kind used to ship product. When the company came to Red Letter, however, they needed help building up their packaging division. They had been making branded, in-store packaging for some pretty impressive clients, but had yet to aggressively market this capability. Nothing less than a whole new brand would do. We built a new one from the ground up, including a new name, logo, brand position, website—and sales kit. The company was to be called CaroCon. Their sales team needed a dazzling set of sell sheets in a beautifully designed package.

Our designers and copywriters created a stunning series of two-sided sell sheets, finely printed on quality paper and presented in an elegant folder. The sales team hit the road, proud to be showcasing their capabilities in such an impressive way.

CaroCon’s sales force was so happy to be handing out this gorgeous kit that they needed to order more within 30 days. Meanwhile, the introduction of the brand on a new website (supported by a pay-per-click campaign) generated 18 qualified leads in the first 4 weeks. Needless to say, this is powerful performance for a brand new brand.

CaroCon Corporation Sales Kit |Red Letter Marketing
Our designer would tell you that these were printed with six pass foil stamping. The CaroCon sales team just said, “wow”.
CaroCon Corporation Sales Kit |Red Letter Marketing
The presentation is cohesive, yet flexible for updates with separate sales sheets.
CaroCon Corporation Sales Kit |Red Letter Marketing
We love to obsess over details like paper stock selection. It makes the difference between fine and fabulous.
CaroCon Corporation Sales Kit |Red Letter Marketing
Custom illustrations help to, well, illustrate important points.
Carocon Folder - Marketing and Promotions
Die cut inserts make it easy to navigate to the desired sheet for a seamless presentation.