About Us

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Our business is fundamentally about our clients, but we appreciate curiosity about who we are. Believe it or not, we, too, were curious about that. Like many of our clients, we knew what made us different because we work here every day and it’s obvious to us. But only when we put our own company through our own process did our story become crystal clear.

We help businesses prosper.
Of course we do—isn’t that what marketing is all about? Yes, but you know how it goes. In this business, if you’re not careful you might find yourself doing stuff because it’s on a to-do list. While we get pure joy from just doing what we do, we avoid the trap of forgetting our ultimate goal. We demand of our work that it define our clients’ brands, engage their customers, and persuade those customers to act.

Red Letter Marketing - Greensboro, NC and PH Team

Who are these people

If our number one priority is helping clients prosper, a close second would be building a team in which each member shares our fundamental values of transparency, curiosity, optimism, good humor, and a relentless drive to produce results. When we are hiring (which happens a lot in a growing company), we keep looking until we’ve found someone with not just the right expertise but also the right attitude. We have managed to build a team of talented people who really enjoy working together.

How this all got started

Red Letter Marketing got its start as a team that worked the internal marketing division of IT services firm Dynamic Quest. Their job was to provide marketing services to Dynamic Quest itself, and to a roster of external clients. As Dynamic Quest flourished, the team’s client base and responsibilities grew, until it became clear that it was time to spin the department off as a separate entity. That happened in 2011 and since then, Red Letter Marketing has developed into a growing team of over 30 professionals, offering the full spectrum of marketing services and expertise. Because of our close association with Dynamic Quest, the walls between technology and marketing have been lowered as is appropriate in an age when the two disciplines have coalesced.