Want to boost your SEO? Hire professional content writers

Professional content writers can rejoice.

Though the all-knowing algorithm remains under lock and key, Google’s Search Quality Guidelines were released less than 6 months ago. A cursory reading of these guidelines shows that Google now gives primacy to content written by professional content writers.

In short, the internet’s most powerful force now favor skillful, authoritative writing. This is especially true in sensitive areas like medicine, finance, and healthcare, where the stakes for misinformation are higher. If you want to give your SEO a boost, it’s important to hire professional content writers with industry knowledge.

Professional content writers yield higher rankings

This is great news for internet users, because it means we’ll be exposed to better content from more qualified sources. Content farms—known for paying writers measly sums to generate loads of chiefly insufferable material—were undermined greatly by this change. Flimsy organizations like Anti-Vaccine Movement, The Flat Earth Society, and Ken Ham’s Creation Museum all have expressed outrage, claiming that their voices are being stifled. Yet overall, Google’s new guidelines make for a better web experience with more respected voices now separated from the masses of chaff.

Lousy content brings lousy results

These changes confirm what Red Letter Marketing has stood for all along: valuable content that makes a difference for target audiences. There is still a plethora of false prophets in this territory, ready to sell you cheap and easy content marketing solutions. Some have even recommended hiring a college student on the cheap to churn out blogs in order to keep your website content fresh. But the fact is, this won’t work, and is even less viable now than when it actually had some—albeit slight—impact.

The new EAT standard: Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Though more vital in fields like finance and healthcare, no industry is exempt from Google’s new E-A-T standard. This is the acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. For example, say you’re looking for information on air movement. Google is more likely to drive you to reputable sources like Dyson or Boeing. Though each of these companies operate in distinct industries, they have expertise in the realm of air flow.

Offering Valuable Content, Interestingly

What’s the lesson in all of this? Chiefly, you need to have expert, professional content writers to produce your content. This is especially  true if content marketing is a main artery in your business development strategy. But industry expertise alone won’t cut it. You need to present that information in a way that inspires engagement. Hierarchy of information, scanability, and relevance all become significant elements in the presentation of content. You need to keep a reader interested, even excited about the content.

Poorly-presented information will drive visitors away faster than a toupee in a hurricane, even if it’s valuable. It’s vital to keep your readers…well—reading. They want to leave the page feeling that you’ve provided something useful and accessible. If you’ve succeeded, they’ll remember, and are more likely to come back. If not, they may end up at a competitor’s site. In this regard, professional content writers are often more qualified than those who have industry experience, yet poor writing skills.

As marketers, we take content quality seriously. To do anything less is to disrespect readers, and consequently, customers. Because Google is now reviewing websites using the E-A-T standard, the quality of your content will affect your site content. If you’re wondering how to create effective content marketing that gets the attention of both Google and customers, let’s talk.

Social media roundup: 5 must-read social media marketing posts

The world of social media changes fast.

Here are 5 recent social media marketing articles (and podcasts) that caught our eye, and their main takeaways.

1. A map for the minefield.

 For small business owners, social media marketing is a playing field that can result in a lot of wasted time and energy if not approached in the right manner. Common Small Business Social Media Mistakes to Avoid provides great advice addressing some of the most common missteps and how to avoid them as you begin your waltz through the social media minefield.  One of my top picks on the list is Mistake #9, Failing to Establish Social Media Metrics. It’s crucial that you have a plan in place to evaluate your social media success.

2. Does size really matter? Quality vs. quantity of followers

How Do You Measure Passion? Figuring The Value Of Social Media Followers is a short-but-insightful podcast that ponders the question of quantity versus quality when it comes to your following on social channels. The focus is now shifting from accumulating larger and larger numbers of followers. Now, it’s more important to cultivate a truly engaged and passionate audience that will help amplify your content. The podcast also discusses what does (and does not) make for a potentially valuable, influential follower. 

3. Let’s get visual: Tools for creating quick social visuals

Adding relevant custom images to your social posts can greatly boost engagement.  Content with images get 94% more views than content without images.  So, having the right resources to quickly and effectively develop visual content is critical to social media success. 20 Killer Blogging Tools for Customizing Your Content is every bit as useful for social content as it is for blogging. The piece offers a nice list of tools for quickly developing custom images to use in social posts. 

4. Tweet first, ask questions later (strike that, reverse it). 

One of the biggest issues that we see with clients dabbling in social media marketing is lack of method to the madness.  Sporadic communications with no clear target or objective won’t get you very far. Before jumping in, take an extra second to aim.  It is important to first define who you are talking to, where they are hanging out, what message you want to convey, and what action you want your audience to take. 6 Steps to Create a Bare Bones and Profitable Social Media Plan will help make sure you are asking all the right questions as you formulate your plan to infiltrate the social airwaves.

5. Numbers speak louder than words. 

If you are trying to drum up some support from decision makers to invest in social media, you may need to call for a little statistical back-up to help make your case.  The impressive stack of stats provided in Pew Research Center’s Social Media Update 2016 can help build a better understanding of the current size and opportunities available across social channels. This article covers a wide span of statistical information related to the current state of social. For example, 70% of the US population now holds at least one social networking profile!

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