Your office walls can do so much more than just hold up the ceiling.

Cardinal DCB

Cardinal Digital Communication Boards engage your customers and inform your employees with captivating, dynamically updated displays.

At first glance you may think you’re looking at a TV monitor connected to a hidden DVD player. But Cardinal DCBs are way more interesting than that.

A Cardinal DCB presents a continual stream of content, delivered over the Internet. The screen can be divided into separate zones, each of which can deliver unique content in any format.


Our creative team can help you get the most out of a Cardinal DCB. We create as much or as little of the content as you’d like. And we can update it on a schedule of your choosing.

You have as much control as you want. Your team can quickly and easily edit the content through an easy-to-use web portal. Want to welcome a client to your office? Done. Need to recognize Employee of the Month? Blammo.

All of a sudden, your lobby wall has a purpose in life. With a Cardinal DCB, it’s entertaining your visitors and making them glad they dropped by. It’s helping your employees feel like they’re part of a team. A wall with a Cardinal DCB on it is a very popular wall.

Cardinal DCBs outperform bare walls by perhaps 9000% in the battle for human engagement. (That’s just a guess, but we feel good about it.) This is a powerful new tool that can truly energize your company.

Take a look at some of the ways these dazzling displays can be used:

  • Visitor Greetings
  • News and Weather Feeds
  • HR Announcements
  • Custom Video Content
  • Employee Recognition

Cardinal includes:

  • Flatscreen Display
  • Computer Hardware
  • Branded Content
  • Configurable Templates
  • Customized Software
  • Content Management
  • Internet Live Feeds
  • Training and Support