By Avery Hocutt | March 9, 2018

Top 5 tips to master location-based SEO In the caveman days of SEO, when we were all just sitting around banging digital sticks together, trying to figure out how the darned thing worked, broad keywords were all the rage. It wasn’t unusual to see a domain name that said, simply, “,” or a paid search […]

By Avery Hocutt | February 13, 2018

Understanding website accessibility The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation. Established in 1990, the ADA lays out detailed standards for public accommodation for the disabled, among other things. As the digital world began to evolve, a new question began to arise: Does the ADA apply […]

By Avery Hocutt | January 24, 2018

SEO is a powerful strategy that can be used to elevate your search rankings and boost your sales. Unfortunately, many SEO agencies lack the skills and experience to implement SEO effectively. Below are 5 characteristics that all great SEO companies have in common. Searching for an SEO agency? Look for these 5 key traits. 1. […]

By Avery Hocutt | December 21, 2017

“The most aggressive campaign we have seen to date” Early Tuesday morning, WordFence, a 3rd party security service for WordPress, posted an alert of a massive brute force attack campaign that was mounting by the second. By the time the world started waking up, the campaign had peaked at 14 million attacks per hour, making […]

By Mike Turner | December 4, 2017

Poor Christmas trees: They spend a whole season being decorated and adored; then, when the festivities are over, they’re left out by the curb. This year, we say enough is enough, and look to answer one of life’s most overlooked questions. What do you do with your tree after Christmas? It’s time to consider the […]

By Mike Turner | November 20, 2017

We get a lot of new clients whose first request is that we do something about their website. They don’t like it any more. (Or they hated it from day one.) As we get started on transforming their site, we often discover common website mistakes that can hurt businesses. If we were obnoxious snarksters, we’d […]

By Avery Hocutt | November 9, 2017

B2B sales get easier with LinkedIn’s new lead generation ads. Ever tried to fill out a long, boring web form on your mobile phone? We didn’t think so. One glance at a dozen boxes to fill out and suddenly you’d rather revisit that how-to video on using toothpaste to get rid of carpet stains. LinkedIn […]

By Mamie Patton | August 23, 2017

“So who is managing the back end of your web site?” “Oh, we got a guy.” And thus strike the gongs of doom. More often than we’d like, clients come to us because they used “A guy.” It conjures images of a self-taught, one man shop working out of his basement to build websites on […]

By Mike Turner | February 16, 2017

Amazingly, some stock photography doesn’t suck. So why hire a pro for custom shots? There was a time when every single stock photograph in the whole universe was an embarrassment to the very idea of imagery. I am still haunted by the memory of disturbingly phony models posing stiffly, their unnaturally white teeth glaring like […]

By Mike Turner | December 7, 2016

This year, we present our observations on yuletide traditions that are mildly confusing. All of us at Red Letter Marketing adore holiday customs and lore—even when we’re not really sure what they mean. Some traditions have been around so long that we in the 21st century find ourselves befuddled by them. Below, a review of […]

By Mamie Patton | November 29, 2016

How Smartphones Are Used for Purchasing From initial discovery to final purchase, smartphones now serve as purchasing tools. The research below can be used to feed your mobile strategy, and even help you hone in on potential micro-moments that can be a tipping point to either purchase or exit. Does your mobile marketing deliver an […]

By Mamie Patton | November 15, 2016

Brands have a lot to learn about engaging on social. A report from Sprout Social provides important information about brands and social media, especially how they could improve. They surveyed over 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users to learn what brand social actions drive them away, and what entices them to follow. Surprise. They seek […]

By Mamie Patton | October 18, 2016

“I can’t live without my phone!” Let’s face it, most of us are guilty of saying this. But maybe we’re taking it a bit too far.  

By Olaf Ebert | October 4, 2016

The difference between a smart business decision and a disastrous one can come down to whether you have the right information on hand. Research and data is the lifeblood of great marketing. When conducting marketing research, you can go two ways: Either you gather primary research data, which is new information specifically collected for your […]

By Mamie Patton | September 20, 2016

Apps aren’t just for games and social media any more. This infographic shows that smartphone use should really be called “app-phone” use. Even though the major apps are listed here, there are endless opportunities for companies to engage customers with helpful apps.   Companies are finding all kinds of useful ways to use apps, from […]

By Mike Turner | September 14, 2016

When we describe the process for developing communications for our clients, they sometimes ask, what’s that concepting thing? Here’s an explanation of what it is, and why it’s important. Concepting is an activity—but it doesn’t always seem like one. The participants are typically sitting—perhaps with their feet propped on a conference room table. At times, […]

By Mamie Patton | August 16, 2016

When is it appropriate to show multiple brand personalities in social media? A client had an interesting question. Their events management business, based at a beautiful, unique location, hosts all kinds of events, from weddings to corporate meetings. They wanted to know, with these very different audiences, should they use one Facebook page to build […]

By Mike Turner | August 9, 2016

Oh come on—of course research is our friend. But some folks (particularly creative types) think of market research as a dastardly plot conceived by zombie hordes of humorless quants on a mission to destroy everything that is vibrant and alive in creative commercial communication. Why does anybody think this? Well, one theory is that these […]

By Greg Harron | August 3, 2016

The internet has become a massive black hole of content. Sadly, huge investments are being made in content that is just not being consumed. Beautifully created content is getting lost in cyberspace—dropped off on the side of the road in the most remote areas of the information superhighway, with no one around for light years. […]

By Mamie Patton | July 15, 2016

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Christmas in July”, a phrase used loosely to describe summer indulgences. It holds an actual function for countries in the southern hemisphere, whose seasons are reversed. And though we find ourselves on the top half of the planet, we are thinking about the holidays even in the 90+ degree […]

By Mamie Patton | July 8, 2016

It’s long been predicted that TV and radio will lose a Darwinian battle to subscription on demand services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc. The recent Nielsen Q1 2016 Total Audience Report indicates the media evolution trend is continuing, however broadcast—that’s TV and radio combined—is still the most powerful medium. For now. TV and radio may […]

By Mike Turner | June 22, 2016

The headline might have brought to mind a familiar scenario. Client: Shouldn’t the email blast have our logo in it somewhere? Designer: Your logo is in it. Down there in the corner. Get closer to the screen. Client: I guess I see it. Could we maybe . . . embiggen it a smidgen? Designer: No. […]

By Mamie Patton | June 8, 2016

The classic marketing mix is referred to as the 4 P’s; that’s Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. It originated in 1960, and over time marketers added additional P’s, like Packaging, People, and so on. I once worked for a corporation that used 10 P’s. (No, I can’t recite them). Whatever the number, the point was to use […]

By Mamie Patton | June 3, 2016

What’s On Your Whiteboard? Every desk at RLM has at least three screens and often more on display: multiple computer monitors, smart phones, and tablets. But our favorite brainstorming and puzzle solving tool is the good old whiteboard. Our main conference room has a 14 foot whiteboard that inspires team members and clients alike to […]

By Mamie Patton | May 20, 2016

You’ve Been Hacked! A financial services company provides a website portal for their clients to access their investment accounts. Clients visit frequently to review their accounts and browse the company’s rich library of helpful information about saving and investing. One afternoon, while the company president is at lunch with a client, he receives a panicked message […]

By Mike Turner | April 21, 2016

For our four-year anniversary, we bought ourselves a new logo. And yes, “bought” is the correct verb. We’re paying for this in both man hours and legal tender—so it is not an idle decision we made on the spur of our third flute of anniversary champagne. Was there something seriously wrong with our old logo? […]

By Mamie Patton | April 12, 2016

Though the all-knowing algorithm remains under lock and key, Google’s Search Quality Guidelines were released less than 6 months ago. A cursory reading of these guidelines shows that Google now gives primacy to content written with higher levels of expertise. In short, the internet’s most powerful force is now behind skillful, authoritative writing that helps […]

By Mamie Patton | April 7, 2016

What makes a logo work? Consumers have more visual exposure to brands than ever before. This overexposure means it’s more important than ever to make sure your brand works on all platforms. This is especially true of your logo. Check the 4 criteria below to make sure your logo passes the basic brand test. Simplicity […]

By Greg Harron | March 29, 2016

Last Update:  Tuesday, April 5 SEMrush are the 2016 RLM Marketing Madness Champions! SEMrush capped an amazing tournament run with a buzzer beater upset victory over giants Google Analytics in the Finals of the RLM Marketing Madness Tourney!  After making it through the earlier rounds with impressive victories over social media superstars Sprout Social and […]

By Greg Harron | March 25, 2016

Round 2:  Elite 8 Matchups Set for Monday, March 28th! Updated March 29 ROUND 2 SCHEDULE 1 @Hootsuite vs  2 @SproutSocial – Sprout Social advances to the Final Four! 3 @Marketo  vs  4 @Optimizely – Optimizely advances to the Final Four! 1 @Moz  vs  3 @SEMrush – SEMrush advances to the Final Four! 1 @GoogleAnalytics  […]

By Greg Harron | March 22, 2016

We are excited to host the 2016 RLM Marketing Madness Tournament.  The tournament will be an epic battle for bragging rights among the top digital marketing tools available today.  The Tournament Selection Committee has been hard at work reviewing the potential participants and determining the top 16 seeds. The teams have been seeded based on current […]

By Mamie Patton | March 15, 2016

Google “define marketing” and roughly 278,000,000 results pop up. The first definition is in this Google-provided display: “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” That definition covers a common, but short-sighted perception of the role of marketing. By this description, companies make a product or service […]

By Greg Harron | March 1, 2016

Welcome to the first installment of the RLM Fast Forward – our look at the latest trending topics and articles in the world of marketing that we think are worthy of forwarding to our colleagues and clients.  This edition will focus on the fast-changing world of social media as we highlight 5 recent articles that […]

By Greg Harron | February 22, 2016

With Great Resolution Comes Great Responsibility Today’s technology gives us access to devices with extremely high resolution and amazing display capabilities – but not all devices (and all users) are created equally. And as with any comic book superhero, this great power can be used for good or for not-so-good. In other words, with great resolution comes […]

By Mike Turner | February 12, 2016

Why would a professional designer take a suggestion from a client who works in an entirely different field? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Sometimes clients have good ideas and it is a designer’s responsibility to listen with an open mind. Two examples of bad responses to client requests suggest the advantages of a […]

By Mamie Patton | February 5, 2016

Strategy. Execution. Results. The battle horn blows. The thunderous clap of a hundred geldings tears through the morning air. The techies approach, weapons in hand, following their gallant leader, Lord Javier: Warden of the North and Defender of the Motherboard. It is time. The Nerf Wars are upon us. First, we strategize. Marcy, who’s appropriately the […]

By Mamie Patton | January 26, 2016

At Red Letter we specialize in helping our clients get the right site for their needs. That might require building a new custom site, a templated site, or updating their existing site. But no matter what, we also know every site requires regular maintenance, and we want you to understand why. Website functionalities are constantly […]

By Mamie Patton | October 9, 2015

The first rule of branding: Do no harm. Volkswagen managed to seriously damage over 50 years of brand credibility with their stupid “diesel dupe” software scandal. Share value has fallen over 30% since news of the debacle broke. Trust will take years to rebuild. And who knows how many “Was going to buy a VW […]

By Mamie Patton | September 30, 2015

What is Branding? It’s remarkable how blurred the language and understanding is for branding, considering it’s a discipline that demands clarity and focus. Smart, well-educated business people interchange terms like branding, marketing and advertising as if it were all the same thing. Branding is the ongoing activity that creates experiences and strengthens the bonds between […]

By Mamie Patton | September 17, 2015

We wanted to learn what’s on the minds of business executives in North Carolina when it comes to marketing. So we conducted an informal survey to discover common threads of thought. If you’ve ever felt like the tidal wave of new marketing technologies and media is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Among the items people mentioned […]